"I went to Heaven -- 'Twas a Small Town." -- Emily Dickinson


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Coming in 2017!
Book 5 in The Sovereign Series
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"I want to jump in my car and drive to Sovereign, Maine!" -- Adeline W., Dover, N.H.

Welcome to The Sovereign Series,  five feel-good novels (and a companion cookbook in the works) about life in the country, penned by Maine farmer and author Jennifer Wixson. The books are set in the mythical small town of Sovereign, Maine (pop. 1,048) and feature a quirky cast of characters who weave in and out of the novels like old friends dropping in for a cup of tea. 

The first three books are narrated by Maggie the minister of the little white church; the fourth is her daughter's story. Each book is a standalone novel that features a different leading lady with personal challenges to overcome and, of course, a love story. Reading the series in the order in which the novels were written deepens your relationship with these characters, who soon become your new best friends. Fans of Jennifer's work have compared her tales to such classics as Anne of Green Gables (by Lucy Maud Montgomery) and Jan Karon's Mitford series. 

By allowing us to take a peek into this small world of kindness and goodness, Jennifer reminds us that, no matter how dark the world appears at times, love is still Lord of all. 

     "Hens and chicks like love seem to spread spontaneously in Sovereign, Maine -- I want to move there!" -- Marie C., Spokane, WA

daffodil NOTE: Jennifer autographs all books. If you would like a book personalized (as a gift, for example) please contact us after placing your order and let us know what you would like Jen to inscribe. 



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Book 1, Hens & Chickens
The little book that started it all! When Jennifer Wixson quietly published her reaction to the greed on Wall Street -- Hens & Chickens (Book 1) -- little did she know that the novel would strike a chord with readers across the country. The book follows the adventures of two women downsized by corporate America (Lila Woodsum, 27, and Rebecca Johnson, 48) who move to Maine to raise chickens and sell organic eggs, and discover more than they bargained for— including a wonderful community of caring residents and the true meaning of unconditional love!

Hens & Chickens opens the book on Sovereign and introduces us to a recurring cast of characters, including the handsome carpenter Mike Hobart, and the entire Gilpin clan. A little tale of hens and chickens, pips and peepers, love and friendship, Hens & Chickens offers a much-needed remedy for today's frantic, fast-paced world, leaving readers with an uplifting sensation similar to that described by Ralph Waldo Emerson as "a certain cordial exhilaration."   

   "Jennifer Wixson has furnished us a wonderful way to find laughter and joy on a cloudy day." -- anonymous Amazon reviewer  (4.2 stars on Amazon ~ read more "real reader" reviews here)

White Wave Publishing, August 2012, 262 pgs.

Paperback $14.95 (free shipping!) 

eBook $6.99







Book 2, Peas, Beans & Corn

The love continues! Peas, Beans & Corn (Book 2) carries on the good feeling inspired by Hens & Chickenswhen Maine Army Guardsman Bruce Gilpin, 35, returns to his hometown of Sovereign with the secret dream of restarting the old sweet corn canning factory. He’s encouraged in his new mission by the passionate organic foodie Amber Johnson, 21 (Rebecca's daughter) who reawakens his tired heart. However, the course of their true love soon becomes muddied by their well-meaning mothers, and by the arrival of Bruce’s ex-wife Sheila, and the handsome corporate attorney Ryan MacDonald, who hits town to rusticate.

History pervades Peas, Beans & Corn, a little tale of hummingbird moths and morning mists, horse-drawn sleighs and corn desilkers, with a surprising and satisfying connection to the poet Emily Dickinson.

     "When you finish this story, your heart will feel bigger, your worries will seem lighter and the world will feel like a better place."-- Marik, B., San Francisco Bay Area (4.7 stars on Amazon ~ read more "real reader" reviews here)

White Wave Publishing, June 2013, 288 pgs.

Paperback $16.95 (free shipping!)

eBook $7.99




 Bess Klain CD.
The Inspiration for Songbird!

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Book 3, The Songbird of Sovereign songbird front

A legacy of love!  She's the most popular resident of Sovereign, Maine yet no one in this rural farming community of 1,048 souls has ever known the story behind Miss Hastings' seven decades of dedication to schoolchildren. Now, Maggie the town's minister sets out on a quest to plumb the mystery of Miss Hastings' past before the retired music teacher -- nearing her 89th birthday and in failing health -- departs this world forever.

 Much like a fine tapestry The Songbird of Sovereign (Book 3) weaves from the 1940s to the present day revealing the story of Jana Hastings, a child musical prodigy who once graced the stages of New York. When an illness cuts short her career, Jana is sent to Windmere Sanatorium in central Maine for the treatment of TB. While at Windmere various events -- including first love, first loss, and the thundering approach of WWII -- catapult the self-centered teenager into mature womanhood.

A poignant, stand-alone novel The Songbird of Sovereign is  perhaps Jennifer's best literary effort in the series. Don't miss this one! 

    "This is a book you will want to hug!" -- C. Wong, Plano, TX (5 stars on Amazon ~ read more "real reader" reviews here)

White WavePublishing, July 2014, 274 pgs.

Paperback $15.95 (free shipping!)

eBook $7.99






Book 4, The Minister’s Daughter 

Minister cover small

Like mother, like daughter?
Tall, blonde and beautiful, Nellie Walker, 22, daughter of Maggie the minister, is also self-centered and a bit of a snob. When a tragic loss leaves Nellie alone in the world, she returns to Sovereign to initiate a search for the father whose identity her mother has never revealed. Helping Nellie find her father is the compassionate country doctor, Metcalf Bartholomew Lawson, 29, known locally as “Doctor Bart." 

With Nellie's aid Doctor Bart realizes a long-time dream to open a free medical clinic in Miss Hastings' former music studio. Doctor Bart's other dream is to make Nellie his wife. Unfortunately, Nellie has other ideas and can't keep a handsome stranger, Walden, the "Mushroom Man," out of her mind.

The Minister's Daughter (Book 4) is a sweet story filled with the stuff that makes Maine wonderful: hand-made quilts, Needhams (chocolates), wildlife watching, tidbits of Maine history like mortgage buttons ... and so much fabulous food that the book will leave you wondering whether you can reach Sovereign in time for suppah!

                 " ... the best book in the Sovereign Series."

                     -- Eldwin Wixson, Plymouth, N.H. (Jennifer's father)

               "This is the best book you have ever written!"                        

                     -- Rowena Palmer, Norway, Maine (Jennifer's mother) (5 stars on Amazon ~ read more "real reader" reviews here)

White Wave Publishing, Sept. 2015, 302 pgs.
Paperback $16.95 (free shipping!) 
eBook $9.99 







Book 5, Maggie's Dilemma

"Two roads diverge in a yellow woods..." Maggies Dilemma small

Two years after the death of her husband, Maggie the minister is swept off her feet by environmental activist David Faulkner, Walden's uncle, who has come to teach at Unity College. Maggie's world seems whole again, and almost perfect, that is, until Duncan Faulkner, David's brother, shows up in Sovereign. An Episcopal priest, Duncan has much more in common with Maggie and she soon discovers that she might have become engaged to the wrong man! Further complicating her life, an investment advisor from the city, with whom Maggie has the slightest of acquaintances, has used her name to drum up business with her friends. Should she give them a heads-up that he could be nothing more than a Wall Street wolf in sheep's clothing? Or should she keep silent and let the chips fall where they may? And as if that wasn't enough, Maggie is turning 60!      

Funny, poignant, and soul-searching, Maggie's Dilemma reveals that love -- and Life -- sometimes don't get any easier in your seventh decade!

Coming summer 2017. Stay tuned!






The Sovereign Series Cookbook

EXCITING NEWS ON THIS MIGHT BE RELEASED SOON! CHECK BACK OFTEN FOR THE LATEST INFO.  Jennifer is always being asked for recipes for the food she writes about in her novels and so when one book reviewer described those meals as "the best food you'll never eat" we knew we had to do something. Enter Cheryl Wixson, noted Maine chef and foodie, and Jennifer's sister. (Be sure and check out Cheryl's fabulous website Cheryl Wixson's Kitchen.)  Cheryl is helping Jennifer gather together all their old Maine and family recipes (150-200 in all) that inspired the meals enjoyed by the characters in all four novels of The Sovereign Series PLUS many of Cheryl's own creations, which are a fresh approach to those old favorites. Coming in the not-too-distance future (we hope), The Sovereign Series Cookbook will enable you to share with your family and friends delicious foods ranging from Euna’s Hot Water Gingerbread to Maude’s Rose Petal and Caraway Shortbread Cookies, from Baked Stuffed Lobster to Rebecca's Rhubarb Bread, from Cranberry Needhams (chocolates) to Merry Christmas Coffee Cake, from Beef and Venison Bourgogne with wild mushrooms to Fiddlehead Quiche and much, much more.   

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