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Sovereign Series Special -- 4 Books for $49.95!



Welcome to Sovereign, Maine. Welcome home!

Readers of Jennifer Wixson's Sovereign Series of novels quickly fall in love with the loving and lovable characters who inhabit the fictional farming community of Sovereign, Maine. Miss Hastings, Maggie the minister, the old chicken farmer Wendell Russell, and the feisty Lila Woodsum and her best friend Rebecca soon become your new best friends.

Just in time for summer reading, we've put together a special on all 4 books in the Sovereign Series published to date: Hens & Chickens, Peas, Beans & Corn, The Songbird of Sovereign, and The Minister's Daughter. You save $14.85 off the list price. All books are autographed, too!

$49.95 (the  usual $6.50 shipping and handling charge will be waived for Christmas and books will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail if ordered by December 22nd.)

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