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Sovereign Series Special -- 5 Books for $65!


Take Pride and Pleasure in Owning a Complete, Autographed Sovereign Set!

Readers of Jennifer Wixson's Sovereign Series of novels quickly fall in love with the loving and lovable characters who inhabit the fictional farming community of Sovereign, Maine. Miss Hastings, Maggie the minister, the old chicken farmer Wendell Russell, and the feisty Lila Woodsum and her best friend Rebecca soon become your new best friends. 

Now, you can purchase all five books in the series -- an $82 value -- for only $65! Best of all, this special offer includes free shipping. (Free shipping is to US destinations only, sorry.) 

You probably know someone who would love Jen's Sovereign Series. Why not buy a set for your mother and/or best friend -- and a set for yourself?

Which novel is your favorite? Hens & Chickens? Peas, Beans & Corn? The Songbird of Sovereign? The Minister's Daughter? And ... included with your order is the upcoming 5th and final book in the series (shipping separately until October 28th), Maggie's Dilemma, coming soon! 

5 Books for $65 (Free shipping via US media mail to US destinations only. After finalizing your order, you will be taken to a secure payment site operated by PayPal to complete your transaction. Credit cards are accepted.)

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