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The Minister's Daughter (Book 4)



Like mother -- like daughter?

Tall, blonde and beautiful, Nellie Walker, 22, (daughter of Maggie, the minister of the Sovereign Union Church) is also self-centered and a bit of a snob. When a tragic loss leaves Nellie alone in the world, she returns to Sovereign -- a place she's always disliked -- and assumes her mother's responsibilities. Nellie soon finds herself coming into her own, enjoying her new life with a little group of familiar friends: Rebecca and Wendell, Ryan and Trudy, Leland Gorse, and Doctor Bart, the compassionate country doctor and Nellie's childhood champion. 

With Nellie's help Doctor Bart realizes a long-time dream when he opens a free medical clinic in Miss Hastings' former music studio. Doctor Bart's other long-time dream is to make Nellie his wife. But stiff-necked Nellie wants to choose her own partner and newcomer Walden, the "Mushroom Man," has piqued her interest. Who is this mysterious stranger? And why has his unorthodox view of land ownership created such a stir in Sovereign? 

The Minister's Daughter is a sweet story filled with the stuff that makes Maine wonderful: hand-made quilts, Needhams (chocolates), wildlife watching, Maine history like mortgage buttons ... and so much fabulous food the book will leave you wondering whether you can reach Sovereign in time for suppah!

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NOTE: The Minister's Daughter was originally planned as the 4th and final book in The Sovereign Series; however, Jennifer has recently announced there will be at least two more novels. Look for Book 5, Maggie's Dilemma, in 2016 or 2017.

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