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Maggie's Dilemma (Book 5)


Two-and-a-half years after the unexpected death of her husband, Maggie the minister finds herself romantically pursued by the noted environmental activist David Faulkner, who's come to teach at Unity College in central Maine. But Maggie is happy with her life at sixty and isn't sure she's ready for a committed relationship. Before she knows it, however, she's engaged to David. She believes she's done the right thing, that is, until Duncan Faulkner, David's brother, an Episcopal minister, shows up in the little town of Sovereign. Spending time with Duncan, Maggie awakens to the difference between the two men and discovers--too late!--that she's engaged to marry one brother, but is actually in love with the other.

Further complicating her life, a shady investment advisor from the city, with whom Maggie has the slightest of acquaintances, has used her name to drum up business with her friends. Should she give them a heads-up that he could be nothing more than a Wall Street wolf in sheep's clothing? Or should she keep silent and let the chips fall where they may? Unfortunately, Maggie chooses to says nothing, and as a result Wendell and Rebecca could lose the farm! 

Funny, poignant, and soul-searching, Maggie's Dilemma reveals that life (and love!) sometimes doesn't get any easier when you're in your sixties.

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