Hens and Chickens Hens and Chickens

(White Wave, August 2012, 272 pgs.) – Two women downsized by corporate America (Lila Woodsum, 27, and Rebecca Johnson, 48) move to Maine to raise chickens and sell organic eggs—and discover more than they bargained for, including love! Hens & Chickens opens the book on Sovereign and introduces us to the local characters, including the old chicken farmer Wendell Russell, the beloved retired music teacher Miss Hastings, the handsome carpenter Mike Hobart, and the Gilpin clan. A little tale of hens and chickens, pips and peeper, love and friendship, Hens & Chickens lays the foundation for the next three titles in the series.

Peas, Beans and Corn Peas, Beans and Corn

(White Wave, June 2013, 308 pgs.) – The romance of a bygone era infuses Book 2 in The Sovereign Series, when Maine Army Guardsman Bruce Gilpin, 35, returns to Sovereign with the secret dream of restarting the town’s old sweet corn canning factory. He’s encouraged in his mission by the passionate young organic foodie Amber Johnson, 21, who reawakens his youthful heart. The course of their true love becomes muddied by their well-meaning mothers, however, and by the arrival of Bruce’s ex-wife Shelia and the handsome corporate attorney Ryan MacDonald, who hits town to rusticate. History pervades this little tale of hummingbird moths and morning mists, horse-drawn sleighs and corn desilkers, and the words of the poet Emily Dickinson, who could have been describing Sovereign when she once wrote: “I went to Heaven – ‘Twas a small Town.”

The Songbird of Sovereign The Songbird of Sovereign

A legacy of love!  She's the most popular resident of Sovereign, Maine yet no one in this rural farming community of 1,048 souls has ever known the story behind Miss Hastings' seven decades of dedication to schoolchildren. Now, Maggie the town's minister sets out on a quest to plumb the mystery of Miss Hastings' past before the retired music teacher -- nearing her 89th birthday and in failing health -- departs this world forever.

 Much like a fine tapestry the novel weaves from the 1940s to the present day revealing the story of Jana Hastings, a child musical prodigy who once graced the stages of New York. When an illness cuts short her career, Jana is sent to Windmere Sanatorium in central Maine for the treatment of TB. While at Windmere various events -- including first love, first loss, and the thundering approach of WWII -- catapult the self-centered teenager into mature womanhood.

A poignant, stand-alone novel The Songbird of Sovereign is Jennifer's best effort yet. You won't want to miss a minute in this mythical Maine town.

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